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[IP] Hospital Horrors

I have been hospitalized so many times for so many reasons that one of my
greatest fears -- no!  it's not going into the hospital, it's about filling
out one those forms that asks "Have you ever been hospitalized?  Please
explain."  then they give you a 2" line!  LOL  Really though I never go into
the hospital anymore without doing 2 things  -- one is demanding that my
doctor give written permission for me to handle my own diabetic needs, and two
is to have insulin, a syringe, and enough crakcer pkgs. and dex tabs to serve
as a small meal if necessary.  I have had too many close calls to recount here
and am sad to say that some of these occured in diabetes training hospitals
(I'm thinking of Joslin clinic for one).  I've weathered over doses (and
lies), 'forgotten' or severely delayed meals, delayed injections etcetera.  No
amount of my yelling that I needed immediate attention seemed to make anyone
move any faster.  It scared the h#@$ out of me, realizing I could die  from
diabetes while I was waiting in the hospital to get cured of something else.
They always ask me to surrender any drugs I might have, so I duly give them
lots of vials etcetera-- the other stuff is squirrled away in the bottom of my
cosmetics bag.  What a world!

Timmy & Debby-  I am so glad you got your kid off that ultralente.  I found
thinking about it during odd moments of the day.  I forgot where you said you
lived - so I'll know another place to go prepared to fight the medical
Perhaps we should get cards for the windows of the endo's offices that could
signify which one's were safe. (Of course the Insulin Pumper's Group would
determine who could receive them and who couldn't.  That way they'd be on
their best behavior at all times and the the scary physicians would have to go
into a rehab in order to be certified by us.  That'd be a switch.  On to the
new millennium!  Pumper Power!! )

Yesterday I had an occlusion with no alarm on my Diesetronic.  I saw Buddy's
post afterwards and was coming down from a HI  (over 600 on the Accucheck
Complete!) -- very small ketones, but it took a bucket of humalog to bring it
down anyway.  Finally leveled out by bedtime but I checked every 2 hours all
night long just to be on the safe side-- perfect.  Why is it when that little
canula gets jostled into collecting blood that the alarm doesn't go off?  I
felt lousy all day long.  After I changed the infusion set, another occlusion
alarm went off, and I changed that one then another one went off.  The
occlusion for the first one was at the site -- no alarm-  the 2nd and 3rd were
in the tubing.  Hopefully the next model will be able to single out the
location.  Of course, when my blood glucose starts rising, I always think that
I've screwed up my carb counting.   I am waiting to get to the point where I
feel good all the time.  Stay tuned.

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