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RE: [IP] when to stop the NPH b-4 pump hookup

> NO NPH!  After she starts the pump she should take no NPH! We
> just went through this in the last couple of weeks.
> When I started The last NPH was taken the evening meal
> before. . . .

As I read it, the original question stated just that -- the doctor wanted the
evening NPH taken.  This is the RIGHT thing to do -- something to cover
through the night before starting the pump.  NPH will be (mostly, anyway)
cleared through the system by the time the pump starts.

I didn't see anything in the original question about NPH AFTER starting pump

YES to NPH BEFORE starting the pump.  NO to any long acting insulin after.

(I was on ultralente when I switched to the pump.  My instructions were that
my last U shot was to be a full 36 hours before coming in, with shots of
regular as needed.)

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