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Re: [IP] when to stop the NPH b-4 pump hookup

At 14:34 4/16/98 EDT, Kasey wrote:
>I'm wondering about that evening NPH injection.  I thought I 'd read here that
>it's best to skip the evening NPH.  Can someone clarify this for me?

When I started using my pump they had me do the same thing (i.e., take my
prior evening's NPH).  Most of it should be gone (just the final 'tail' of
the curve remaining) by the next morning, so it shouldn't cause much
trouble.  It won't be completely out of her system for at least 24 hours, so
the first day will NOT be a time to try adjusting basals.  It'll be a little
topsy-turvy for several days anyway, as basal rates are established.  Lots
of fasting will be involved, as I'm sure you probably know.

If your daughter were to skip the prior evening's NPH, she might not have
sufficient basal coverage to last overnight.  Obviously, once pumping
begins, banish the NPH to the nether regions of the fridge...  :-)


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