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[IP] when to stop the NPH b-4 pump hookup

Hi everyone.  We are finishing up our experience with a loaner pump, and we've
decided that we DEFINITELY want it.  Since Kayla is 5, they won't start her
without a stay in the hospital (she's gonna love that!!) and they can't get
her a bed until mid-May.  So now we're on stand-by.  I was asking about the
hospital procedure and was told that she'd still get her evening NPH just like
normal, then come in to the hospital before breakfast, get only Humalog, eat,
then start on the pump.  Then they'll keep her under observation for 24 hours.

I'm wondering about that evening NPH injection.  I thought I 'd read here that
it's best to skip the evening NPH.  Can someone clarify this for me?

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