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Re: [IP] Loses potency in 2 1/2 days

> I'm using about 40 units of Humalog per day and I'm finding that after about 2 
> 1/2 days, the absorbtion is lessened.  I've heard from others that I should be 
> able to go about 4-5 days without losing absorbtion.  Is there any truth to 
> this and based on being relatively thin(skinned) and on  40 units a day, is 
> there a norm on how long I should be able to go in one site?
This type of problem has been reported by many on the list. My 
daughter Lily has also experienced this problem. She and others have 
been able to moderate the problem by mixing Humalog with Velosulin.
Lily has used a mix of 5 parts H to 1 part V. Others on the list have 
used some other mixes reportedly 4/1 3/1. From a strictly technical 
standpoint, the ratio is probably best chosen by matching the 
activity level for a "start of meal bolus" to your average digestion 
time. YMMV.  For Lily this falls in the 5/1 4/1 range. The Velosulin 
seems to moderate the site corruption properties of Humalog. The 
reason is not known at this time.

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