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RE: [IP] Re: sites for lean pumpers (and children!)


I found a number of indicators for site loss. Note that these may vary from
user to user, but many of us agree on the general signs:

1) BGs are out of range, or do not match your expected trends. This may
manifest itself in higher than expected fasting BGs, postprandials that
clearly do not match the meal eaten, etc. In other words, there is no clear
explanation for your BG being at the level it is. Pump mechanicals are fine,
there is insulin in the pump, etc. For me, this has always hinted that there
was an issue with the site.

2) "Hardness" at the infusion site. For me, the area around the infusion
site would get "hard" to the touch. Instead of being soft and pliable, the
site would feel as if it were all muscle - not flexible at all. Be careful
not to confuse this with one of the signs of an infection, which is an "egg
shaped lump under the skin" (often warm and sensitive to the touch).
Sometimes, the site would be a bit tender or sore, sometimes a bit reddish.
Again, this is not to be confused with infection.

This is *dramatically different* now that I have returned to Velosulin.
There is simply no problem with my sites now - of course, this could change,
but the immediate difference is like night and day. I am on day five at the
same site - no pink, no soreness, site remains pliable and apparently fully
functional. I am using Disetronic Tenders.

3)  Corrective or supplemental boluses do not produce the expected results.
Sometimes your BG will not drop at all, other times it will drop, but very
slowly. Users have tested this site corruption theory by changing their set,
using the same tubing, reservoir / cartridge and bolusing at the new site.
If the BG starts to drop, there was probably some corruption at the old

I have been using insulin for about 42 years, injecting for 40 years. I know
I was not diligent about site rotation in my early years, but then I used my
thighs and butt areas almost exclusively for 25 years. I used my abdomen and
butt for the last 15 years, returning to my thighs only occasionally. With
pumping, I use my abdomen primarily, sometimes my thighs and have
experimented with my butt.

I just re read that last sentence ;-) I'm not even going to attempt changing
it. Just sign me "Butt Man".

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

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