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Re: [IP] Batteries


I don't change the batteries until it alarms.  At "set-up" the MiniMed rep
told me that it wouldn't quit right away, and that I have some time to change
the batteries.  He just said to make sure that I changed them before going to
bed that night. I just keep some on hand, in my purse, so I can change them
when it alarms.  Hey, as a fellow Idahoan, I bet we had the same MM rep... Was
yours Dave Nostrand?  I hear he's been given the Alaska and Hawaii territory

Mary Jean

> Since I started the pump about 1.5 yrs now, I have always changed the
>  batteries in my 507 every month and half or so, I have _never been given
>  an alarm for low battery. Does everyone here wait for a signal from the
>  pump, or do you just change after a date is reached?  I am curious, as
>  the trainer said that the batteries were only going to last a month and
>  I have used them over that a little, and hurriedly changed thinking that
>  the pump would quit! :o)
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