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[IP] glycohemoglobin

I started pumping on 3/2/98.  It took quite  while to get my basals set,
but all is well now.  yesterday I went for my monthly appt with my endo
and our pump group mtg.  After 6 weeks on the pump, my HbA1c was 5.8 --
or within normal range.  Makes me a happy camper.
My endo (and his CDE) are interested in joining the list when they get
hooked up to electronic mail.  I was telling the group about the
supportive nature of the listserv and mentionned the concerns we all had
about the child started on a pump "but with the safety net of
ultralente."  Of course, everyone gasped and declared how could any dr.
think of such a thing.  And my endo, a free thinking man, I believe,
said "There are a lot of doctors out there who don't know what they're
doing when it comes to the pump.  It sounds as though your listserv
group did a service to that family in suggesting a new doctor."  Not the
ususal comment from one doctor about another!
As far as HGA,...  I am unaware of my insulin reactions in the 50 - 70
range.  My mood does become bleak though.  And since I'm still in the
euphoria of a new pumper, if I started feeling that the world sucks, I
check my bg.  In the 50 - 70 range, I will still carefully consider how
many Sweet Tarts to eat in order to get back in the range I want.  Below
50, I'm more apt to eat the whole package!  I do get the tingling around
the lips.
Exercise has become easier on the pump, but part of that is just
checking bg's more often.  When we go from the cardiovascular aerobic
exercise to the floor exercises, I check my bg rahter than wait to the
end of the class.  Then I can make quick corrections before I go too
I'm rambling.  Part of my insulin pumpers euphoria  ;-)
Vicki McDonald

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