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Re: [IP] Needing words of wisdom

God be with you and good luck.  Congratulations are in order here.  I can't
speak to pregnancy and the pump. If I remember right, when someone in our DCCT
study became pregnant, they were forced out of the experimental group and had
to go to the standard group. Now, of course, everyone who participated in the
DCCT understands that the pump should be standard care for most diabetics.
This does ex lude mentally handicapped individuals.  They must not only know
how to work the mechanics of the pump, but all the subtelties that go along
with it.  This isn't a knock against those who are retarded.  I wouldn't do
that.  My brother was profoundly retarded and deaf due to suffering spinal
meningitis as a 6 mo. old.  But I could be wrong because I know of cases of
the very young going on the pump, so if the mentally handicapped had a willing
assistant, why couldn't they go on the pump as long as they are capable of
recognizing highs and lows, but here again, I have to test my blood sugars
because I've lost the ability to recognize my lows.
Boy, this disease sure is a complicated son of a gun.
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