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Re: [IP] Insulin Reactions

My blood sugar can drop to 34 without obvious signs of a reaction.  I do get a
bit "cloudy" in my thinking, but I don't get shaky or diaphoretic anymore.
This has been for the last couple of years.  It will take time for me to
realize that I'm not thinking clearly.  
The other topic that came up, but I kept my mouth shut about, was checking for
ketones with the urine strips.  I have been in DKA 4 times.  The worst time
was the 2nd event.  I can only explain the symtoms like this:  As I dressed
for work, I felt like I had run a marathon.  My arms were so heavy.  Didn't
check my BS, I wasn't smart enough or concerned enough at that time in my life
to take my diabetes seriously.  I also wasn't on the pump, so I seldom did
blood checks.  (I'm just being honest here, so I don't need to be reprimanded
as I'm not the same person I was then). I got to work, the hospital, and I
leaned against the wall in the elevator. Only 20 minutes had passed, but this
is how fast you go into DKA.  That's why I'm telling you how serious this is.
Anyway, I couldn't press the elevator button for my floor.  Someone else did.
Got out. Told the group of nurses on the day shift that I didn't feel well,
and couldn't float to another unit to work.  In fact, I said, I thought I
would go home.  5 minutes had passed.  I went and layed down in the nurses
lounge.  I was so thirsty, I could barely speak. Before I could get up to get
a drink of water, I felt as if someone was twisting and pulling my arms at the
same time.  This is due to the ketones that had built up in my system. My
shoulders and arms hurt so badly that it was all I could do to not cry. A
collegue of mine brought in a head nurse who came to look at me.  I had sunken
eyeballs and begged her for a drink of water.  By this time 20 had gone by and
for some reasons I was having difficulty breathing.  Very heavy breaths at
this point. She game me the drink of water and then the horribly, intense,
vomiting started. They insisted that I go down to the E.R.  I refused.  As all
of you know, you can become pretty resistant and angry when BS are out of
control.  They wouldn't listen to me and tried to get me on a cart.  I finally
consented to go to ER in a wheel-chair.  They started putting IV's in both my
arms, taking my uniform off.  What the heck was going on?  I protested, as I
vomited and urinated constantly.   My blood sugar was in the 700's, but it was
my acid-base numbers that scared the drs to death.  They said my numbers
weren't compatible with life!  Then I said, ok, I'll go home now!  The said,
you're going to the ICU.  I went in and out of ICU three times. I still can't
believe how sick I had gotten.  I still can't believe how fast it can go.
Now, if my blood sugars are over 400 for more than a couple of readings, I
check for ketones.  I'm very ketosis prone.  Some of us are.  For me, checking
for ketones is not an option.  If I get the flu or any infection, once it was
a urinary tract infection combined with the start of my period.  This put me
in DKA.  It doesn't take much. I keep those ketone sticks with me anytime I
travel.  Since the pump, I haven't so much as spilled a ketone.  Not even a
small amount.  That still amazes Northwestern 's endos.  Sorry this was so
long, but maybe it will help some to understand how really sick you are with
DKA and how fast it moves.
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