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Re: [IP] Too shy to pump?

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From: Kim Huffman <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, April 13, 1998 1:51 PM
Subject: [IP] Too shy to pump?


As a teacher of many years, my own experience causes me to agree with both
you and your daughter.

1. Does Kim have a Medic Alert bracelet?  This could save her life

2. There are certain people who need to know.  The school nurse who would be
called upon should she collapse.  If there is no nurse in your school, find
out who would be in charge in an emergency and tell them. Answer their
questions and further their education.

For myself, I have always let friends and co-workers know as much as
possible, but not everyone.

I had one imperfect stranger (a substitute teacher) who upon learning I was
diabetic tell me that she had known a diabetic who went to the beach, got a
little cut, and was dead in two days.  That ruined my lunch!  Such a slap in
the face and I don't believe things happen that fast.  You've probably met
the type.

As a teacher, I watched a perfectly healthy appearing child fall out of his
chair and begin to convulse on the floor. Fortunately his friends in the
class were able to tell what he needed but I should been prepared.


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