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More Mis-managed Medical Care (was)Re: [IP] Re: Overnight highs

   Now that's what I call a very SCARY post!!!..The #1 cardinal sin I've
observed from medical personnel is the inability of some to admit they're
mistaken, and I'm NOT just talking about your incident in 1982....I worked for
a doctor who, after dropping an instrument during a procedure (in which the
pt's face was covered) actually had the audacity to turn to the medical
assistant & say "now look what you've done"!!...Not surprisingly, the asst. is
no longer there (neither am I) nor is most of the staff who could not deal
with someone who was more concerned with "appearances" than honesty...And also
not surprisingly, the pts. found this doc's demeanor of "perfection" to be as
phony as did the staff!!...Give me a professional any day who is secure enough
to freely admit to NOT knowing an answer & offer to check it out for me!!...Or
better yet, readily accept the input I'm offering from my own research!!!...
     Beware - all ye doctors of the new millenium: Nightly News said between
1994-1997 the # of Internet users jumped from 3 million to 100 million!!!
Educated, informed, proactive patients who will no longer accept the doctor's
word as "gospel" will be a force to be reckoned with!!!.
    And now, I'll hop off my soapbox for tonight!!! LOL.....

Regards, Renee
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