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RE: [IP] Re:Advice from lean pumpers

Let a "lean pumper" chip in here :-)

Michael, I agree with most of what you said, but I think there may be some
additional issues if the "lean" pumper has used injections for many years
prior to pumping.

Years of injections can lead to hypertrophy of the injection sites prior to
pump therapy. If the sites used for injections over the years have
hypertrophied at all and then are used for infusion sites, they may not have
a chance to properly "heal". If the site is not a good one to start with,
working it into a rotation scheme may not produce ideal results, though it
may have more of a chance to "rest" than it did with injections. This
problem may be exacerbated some with lean pumpers, since there is less real
estate to work with overall.

Some might consider this a minor point, but if you are "lean" and looking
for sites, you may need to avoid those sites which have worked so well with
injections over the years until they get some well deserved rest. Alternate
sites which you have not considered in the past may be the "norm" until the
favorites return to good condition.

FWIW, this is one lean pumper who has successfully restored several of his
previously unusable sites to good shape by discontinuing Humalog and
returning to Velosulin. I am now on the fourth day at the same site, going
on the fifth. No site deterioration at all, absorption is good. Note that
immediately prior to switching back, I was getting (on average) no more than
1 1/2 days per site with Humalog.

BGs are consistent, though somewhat high, due to the cold I am fighting and
what I think is the effect of my Levothroid medication (for hypothyroidism).
Seems the Levothroid contributes markedly to a whopper of a dawn effect now.
Hmmm .. Another thread is being born here, methinks ..... ;-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

 Wayne originally wrote:

> > Now that I'm on the pump, I realize that I do not seem to have many
> > for catheter insertion.  I'm fairly lean, and there's not much fat in
> > abdomen.  I've been using the upper buttocks, but I will run out of
> > different sites there soon.  I wonder if there are any other lean people
> > out there, and how they deal with this.  I suspect some children may
> > have this problem.  I also wonder how quickly people return to the same
> > site.  Thanks.
> > -wm
> >

Michael responded:

> Ya just gotta keep rotating the site you do have. You can safely
> insert within an inch after letting the area rest for a week or so.
> With 4 primary areas lert/right abdomen, left/right upper-butt, that
> gives you a 4 week rotation cycle if you change twice a week. Plenty
> of time for the area to heal and to prevent insulin hypertrophy.
> I have a young daughter and there isn't much except 'lean' on her.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

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