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After becoming diabetic, I developed an allergy to all sulfa and septra
drugs.  Not sure if there is a link with the diabetes or not.  Just know
that since becoming diabetic, I can no longer take/tolerate these drugs.

Becky D.

Ionam wrote:
> Hi:
> Thanks Rona for the tips re. cranberry tablets and dandelion root.  I've been
> taking the cranberry for several days, and will get the dandelion root from my
> herbalist.
> My doctor prescribed an antibiotic called, Bactrim, for five days.  I could
> only tolerate it for 3-1/2 days.  Many side effects, as in;  sleeplessness,
> extreme nervousness, diarrhea, etc.  I also have Addison's Disease (adrenal
> insufficiency) and now I am quite dehydrated, lost about 4 lbs., and quite
> weak and headachy.  The good news is my bladder infection seems to be gone,
> the bad news, I feel like "dawg meat".  Sometimes the cure is worse than the
> illness.
> My question:  has anyone else out there in pumper-land had a similar problem
> with this antibiotic?  Apparently, it is sulfa based.
> Appreciate all your good advice.
> Iona

Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted

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