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Re: [IP] Re:Advice from lean pumpers

> Now that I'm on the pump, I realize that I do not seem to have many sites
> for catheter insertion.  I'm fairly lean, and there's not much fat in the
> abdomen.  I've been using the upper buttocks, but I will run out of
> different sites there soon.  I wonder if there are any other lean people
> out there, and how they deal with this.  I suspect some children may also
> have this problem.  I also wonder how quickly people return to the same
> site.  Thanks.
> -wm
Ya just gotta keep rotating the site you do have. You can safely 
insert within an inch after letting the area rest for a week or so. 
With 4 primary areas lert/right abdomen, left/right upper-butt, that 
gives you a 4 week rotation cycle if you change twice a week. Plenty 
of time for the area to heal and to prevent insulin hypertrophy.

I have a young daughter and there isn't much except 'lean' on her.

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