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Re: [IP] Needing words of wisdom

Nancy - Congratulations! I'll keep a healthy outcome for you and the baby in
my prayers.  Betsy
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From: Nancy Ludwig <email @ redacted>
To: Insulin Pumpers <email @ redacted>
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 1998 11:50 AM
Subject: [IP] Needing words of wisdom

>Hello to everyone,
>I just found out the other day that I am pregnant!   My husband and
daughter and I are thrilled.
>I have been on the insulin pump for four months now and it has really,
really really helped to pull my sugars down.  My last HA1c was 7.3!   I was
happy considering what I was earlier.....  8.8
>So anyway....any words of wisdom out there from women who have been on the
pump and pregnant?   I feel that the next 9 months or so will be a bit
easier, because I can eat when I feel good enough to.  I know that when I
was on the MI routine.  I had a lot of trouble "loosing my cookies" and then
having to worry about the left over insulin in me.
>Thanks for the advice.  I am due Dec. 10.   If any of you out there pray to
the good Lord above, as I do, please pray that that the baby will be
healthy.   I lost our first one to a miscarriage.   A very painful
experience.  I do not want to go through that again.
>Thanks again,
>email @ redacted
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