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Re: [IP] Insulin Reactions

Dianne and other interested parties...It is interesting to me that
autoimmune disorders come in clumps so that if you have one you are more
prone to get another or more...another gland that the immune system
attacks is the adrenal glands...which produce adrenalin...which if i am
on the right track aids us in identifying low blood sugars...so this
might be the answer for hypoglycemic unawareness???? another place the
immune system attacks is the parietal cells in the stomach which if i am
not mistaken make intrinsic factor which makes it so that we can
assimilate vit b12...a lack of vit b can contribute to depression ...and
i wonder if this might be related to gastroparesis???forgive me if i am
getting some of the explanations wrong...i am just starting to research
these possibilities and i am not quite as versed as i am on the facts of
diabetes...and these are my theories...i have also noticed that my lips
tingling is the first sign that i may be hypo...this has only been for
the last year...michelle...if anyone has any updates on any of my
comments email me at email @ redacted me at a researcher...i'll give
em lots of theories and maybe we could earn the nobel prize for curing

Dianne wrote
>Question:  I've become very unaware of hypoglycemic responses on the 
>level, but interestingly enough, I have plunged into such an abject 
>at times when my sugar's low, that rather than  thinking about killing 
>now,I check my BG.  This has only become a symptom in the past few 
>Also I've noticed that sometimes I get a tingling sensation in my 
>another symptom that I never used to experience.  Have others noticed 
>a change
>in symptoms over time?

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