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Re: [IP] Blood Sugar levels

At 12:17 4/15/98 EDT, Cheri wrote:
>I am having a problem with my blood sugars and hope someone can help.  Last
>night at 9:00pm, I was 522, and took 10 units of H.  I have no idea why I was
>this high. Then at 10:05 I was 224, and took 2.6 units.  At this point I
>thought I was going to be normal again.  I did not have ketones.  This morning
>at 8:00 I was 308, and had moderate ketones.  I took 4.7 units .  I decided to
>change out my infusion set and see if that would help.  At 12:00, my lunch
>time sugar was 369.  I took 6.2 units and have slightly higher moderate
>ketones.  I have called my doctor and am waiting to hear back.  I still have
>not eaten today,I am not hungry and I guess this is because of the high
>sugars.  I hope someone can help.  Thanks a bunch :)

I suspect that you crashed during the night.  The 10 units you took at 9PM
was reasonable to bring down the 522, but the 2.6 units an hour later was
probably too much.  Keep in mind that although Humalog peaks around an hour
after injection, it isn't totally absorbed for about 3 hours.  The ketones
and high BG in the morning would tend to corroborate this as well.

The continued highs throughout the morning are a bit perplexing, although
one would normally bolus extra for the ketones (above and beyond the high BG
bolus amount).  If you're still high and spilling ketones by 3PM, I'd
recommend injecting with a syringe, just in case there's something wrong
with your pump or infusion set.  If the ketones get into the high (large)
range, you probably ought to seek medical attention.  That's about all I can
recommend, not knowing your background or any other details.


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