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[IP] Blood Sugar levels

I am having a problem with my blood sugars and hope someone can help.  Last
night at 9:00pm, I was 522, and took 10 units of H.  I have no idea why I was
this high. Then at 10:05 I was 224, and took 2.6 units.  At this point I
thought I was going to be normal again.  I did not have ketones.  This morning
at 8:00 I was 308, and had moderate ketones.  I took 4.7 units .  I decided to
change out my infusion set and see if that would help.  At 12:00, my lunch
time sugar was 369.  I took 6.2 units and have slightly higher moderate
ketones.  I have called my doctor and am waiting to hear back.  I still have
not eaten today,I am not hungry and I guess this is because of the high
sugars.  I hope someone can help.  Thanks a bunch :)

                             Cheri : )
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