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Re: [IP] Fish and levels


Yes I can. Dr Peter D'Adamo had continued his father's studies(also a
doctor)on bloodtypes and digestive enzymes. Through the years they had
come to the conclusion different bloodtypes produce different digestive
enzymes. Some foods may even slow or speed up metabolic rates. He has
written a book which lists in detail all food goups for all bloodtypes.
The book: EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE is a great reference book. It is
harder for diabtetics like us because some foods, while may be good for
digestion are also high in carbs(ex.corn), use descretion if you are
interested. This will also aid in weight loss.

I also use this in conjunction with the "food combination theory".
The basic idea is that you don't combine protein and starch. This really
helps with weight loss. Starchy meals are important and should not be
avoided, just combined with vegetables instead of proteins. Ref-FOOD


Dan Oliver wrote:
> Hey Rona,
> This sounds like an interesting theory...can you post any references with
> additional info?
> DanO
> --------

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