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Re: [IP] Insulin Reactions

   Lots of good questions:
   l) I'm NOT an exercise-nut, but when I met Bill King in person (marathon-
running pumper) & he talked about giving insulin while running, I was really
puzzled- thinking the exercise would have offset any need for insulin...He
explained that due to the adrenalin "high" he'd go "sky high" if he wasn't
giving insulin as he ran....
  2) Melissa's lips are also a good bg "barometer", but for "highs": she now
knows that if her lips are very chapped, odds are that she's running high....
   3) granted she's only 15, but both her basals & her boluses have needed to
be adjusted periodically....basically, if it's "broken", what I love about the
pump is that's there's always something to "fix"
   4) welcome to this "gang"...you'll learn more here in one week than your
endo, no matter how wonderful, has ever encountered...

Regards, Renee
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