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Re: [IP] Insulin Reactions

On 15 Apr 98 at 6:28, Deminkspot wrote:

> Question:  I've become very unaware of hypoglycemic responses on the physical
> level, but interestingly enough, I have plunged into such an abject depression
> at times when my sugar's low, that rather than  thinking about killing myself,
> now,I check my BG.  This has only become a symptom in the past few years.
> Also I'vew noticed that sometimes I get a tingling sensation in my lips-
> another symptom that I never used to experience.  Have others noticed a change
> in symptoms over time?

One of the symptoms of a low that I've had for a long time (in 
addition to the shakes and cold!) is the onset of depression - kind 
of like a feeling that things are going bad and getting worse.  I've 
never been sure if it is caused by the body reaction to the low or by 
the low bg levels in the brain.  The depression is usually 
accompanied by a hair-trigger temper too...   another symptom which 
sometimes shows up is what my wife calls "silliness" - where my sense 
of humor goes berserk and I may start laughing at something that 
isn't funny - it just strikes me as hilarious at the moment.  When I 
worked with the puppet group at church several years ago the kids 
would sometimes tell me to eat a candy bar - because I would start 
telling jokes or laughing at their comments...

That's one of the more interesting problems with this condition - the 
variability of these symptoms.  Sometimes you get one, sometimes you 
get the whole basket full. 

Randall Winchester

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