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[IP] Insulin Reactions

I was interested in the questions that was asked about 'how long it took to
learn to adjust one's basals' knowing that after 6 months on the pump and
numerous fasting tests, I'm still uncertain that they haven't changed with the
advent of spring weather.

In regards to the inane insurance company that was granting the gift of
allowing one to test for a whole month -- whoopee!  I can't imagine how most
people on the pump would have gotten all the paraphanalia out of the packages
by then.  I wonder if these companies know how stupid they appear ?

My experience of high BG following intense exercise (and definitely skiing for
me) seems to be an epinephrine (adrenalin) thing - that I've yet to find any
form of short or long acting carbohydrate will prevent.  As I'm not a doctor I
am intensely curious as to what else triggers the release of glucose from the
liver, besides low BG.  My experience has shown absolutely no low BG before or
during these exercises (I've tested and tested and tested) and yet 2 hours
later the BG shoots up and I haven't found a way to make that not happen.  It
makes sense that the 'fight or flight stress response' would cause the liver
to dump it but what is the physiology of that response.  I've felt great doing
the exercise but it screws my BG up so much that I've finally given it up  for
the time being. We never seem to get this issue resolved = at least to my

I have been playing with my carohydrate to insulin ratio since I started
counting them six months ago.  My CDE attributed all my low BGs to incorrect
basal rates, but since I had the most reactions after heavy carbohydrate
meals, I finally started doing better, and have even had entire days of normal
BG.  Hallelujah!  I felt so good I hardly knew what to do and a couple of
folks asked how much coffee I'd been drinking!   

Question:  I've become very unaware of hypoglycemic responses on the physical
level, but interestingly enough, I have plunged into such an abject depression
at times when my sugar's low, that rather than  thinking about killing myself,
now,I check my BG.  This has only become a symptom in the past few years.
Also I'vew noticed that sometimes I get a tingling sensation in my lips-
another symptom that I never used to experience.  Have others noticed a change
in symptoms over time?

Welcome to all the newcomers.  It's great to have so many pumpers to talk to
in so many places.

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