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I'm glad you put the pieces of the puzzle together. Just remember
hormones need time to balance out eachother. It's like the domino effect
backwards now. I found the last symptoms to develope were the first to
resolve. You will be feeling much better. It took me 2 to 3 mos to lose
the water weight and have normal menstral cycles. But my personality
changed back much faster than anything else. Is he retesting your DHEA.
I also had it slightly elevated, I had it double checked and it was
fine. What made him test DHEA?


Michelle Rands wrote:
> Hi everybody...i am so excited .... i am not a hypochondriac ...the dr
> told me i have hasimotos thyroiditis but what the endo put on the chart
> was lymphocytic thyroiditis...i am happy cuz at least there is
> something that can be done ..and the treatment is not painful or
> nauseating...i was beginning to believe there was something like cancer
> brewing...he put me on 88mcg of Levoxyl...only one
> possible problem with that is that i have heard that synthyroid is
> made from acacia trees and i am allergic to them...i wonder if they
> are the same...hyp0thyroidism explains all my symptoms..and gives me
> hope that i can become a normal functi0ning human being again...even
> explains the excema..fatique...depression...weight gain...rotten
> moods...and best of all it is not all in my head....i have been
> fighting this for years...finally i have hope...my DHEA is elevated so
> that might involve addrenal functioning...the endo will do further tests
> when i am on my
> period...and he said for me to get another primary care
> physcian...that the one i have been complaining about is not doing his
> job...he also referred me to a ENT
> for the chronic puss pockets in my throat saying that could make
> regualting my diabetes difficult...which is what i have been trying to
> tell the pcp to no avail but he said they were normal..... i don't
> want to appear like i am slamming the med profession but i feel this
> dr has done me a diservice.....had a bad feeling about the pcp from the
> beginning but i
> thought my husband had been refered to him by a friend...i now find out
> this was not true...shoulda known
> when he has an office in the parking lot of Mervyns, next to the donut
> shop (no offense to donut shop owners either but diabetes and donut shops
> don't seem like they mix) and has a sign
> painted on his window...fen fen...geeez...i have wasted 4 1/2 months
> with this guy..sorry this was so long but hopefully it can help someone
> else by learning of a thyroid problem and that we need to be our own
> health advocates...i am much more assertive now and i am keeping track of
> my lab results...these are good things...michelle
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