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Re: [IP] Fwd: just wanted to share this


That's exactly what makes me sad and frustrated.  It also gives me
strength to fight and appreciate life.  It makes me realize how much I
love my children and want to watch them grow.  It makes me appreciate my
husband that I almost lost to cancer. My life like yours and all of ours
is not easy, but well worth the all effort we put into it.

On the flip side, it's amazing how happy I am when I test and find my bg
to be perfect, or when my A1c dropped from 7.2 (shots) to 6.4 (pump).


Estes71 wrote:
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> Subject: just wanted to share this
> Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 05:33:43 EDT
> From: Estes71 <email @ redacted>
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>                                                      A LIFE WITH DIABETES
> Diagnosed in March of 1985.  Thirteen years of my life have now been spent
> living, coping, and dealing with insulin-dependent diabetes.
> It wears on me.  It does harm to my body.  It is always with me.
> All I can think is how easy my life would be if I did not have diabetes.  For
> no diabetes would mean a life free of testing, site changes, and carb
> counting.  Reactions would not occur.  Little worry of a problem pregnancy.
> Complications would not be a factor.
> Instead all I can do is have the best management I can.  This does not come
> easy nor does it come without a price.  Instead it requires a diligence in
> care, a regimen to uphold, ranges to reach.
> So, what happens when I am out of range?  If I am low I act drunk, am
> completely out of it, and am very in need of glucose.  If I am high I do not
> feel great and am irritable.  What gets me is when my bloodsugar level does
> not make sense.  It is the most frustrating thing.  Especially when I have not
> done anything wrong and when I am trying.
> The DCCT applauds tight control.  Though the real question is, do people
> really understand what it means to have this tight control?  All I know is
> that it is not easy.  It is demanding, challenging, and difficult.  Even with
> tight control 40% of those people will develop complications.  Where is the
> payoff?
> All I want is someone to hold me, to comfort me, and say:  "Denise, it will be
> okay."  Unfortunately no one can as my future and the role diabetes will have
> is uncertain.  I can hope for a payoff for tight control but there is no
> guarantee.
> What do I want?
> A life without diabetes.
> Unfortunately for me that will always be a dream.
> Denise Gordon
> April 5, 1998
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