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Re: [IP] Mystery challenge - Where did the 9.9 units go?


I don't get this magazine- send the info please!


Michelle Rands wrote:
> There is an article on delayed gastric emptying in children not due to
> gastroparesis in the april issue of diabetes interview p. 11 email me if
> you don't get the magazine and i will give you more info...it was taken
> from the march issue of diabetes care...let me know what you find
> out...michelle
>   Add to that a little
> >gastroparesis
> >and you never know for sure where things are hiding.  I never did find
> >out if
> >Velosulin/Regular was as widely unpredictable for others as it
> >sometimes was for
> >me.  (This was true even when no gastroparesis was involved -- when I
> >was showing
> >few symptoms, eating little and only carbs and a little protein).
> >
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