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Hi everybody...i am so excited .... i am not a hypochondriac ...the dr
told me i have hasimotos thyroiditis but what the endo put on the chart 
was lymphocytic thyroiditis...i am happy cuz at least there is 
something that can be done ..and the treatment is not painful or
nauseating...i was beginning to believe there was something like cancer
brewing...he put me on 88mcg of Levoxyl...only one 
possible problem with that is that i have heard that synthyroid is 
made from acacia trees and i am allergic to them...i wonder if they 
are the same...hyp0thyroidism explains all my symptoms..and gives me 
hope that i can become a normal functi0ning human being again...even 
explains the excema..fatique...depression...weight gain...rotten 
moods...and best of all it is not all in my head....i have been 
fighting this for years...finally i have hope...my DHEA is elevated so 
that might involve addrenal functioning...the endo will do further tests
when i am on my 
period...and he said for me to get another primary care 
physcian...that the one i have been complaining about is not doing his
job...he also referred me to a ENT 
for the chronic puss pockets in my throat saying that could make 
regualting my diabetes difficult...which is what i have been trying to 
tell the pcp to no avail but he said they were normal..... i don't 
want to appear like i am slamming the med profession but i feel this 
dr has done me a diservice.....had a bad feeling about the pcp from the
beginning but i 
thought my husband had been refered to him by a friend...i now find out
this was not true...shoulda known 
when he has an office in the parking lot of Mervyns, next to the donut
shop (no offense to donut shop owners either but diabetes and donut shops
don't seem like they mix) and has a sign 
painted on his window...fen fen...geeez...i have wasted 4 1/2 months 
with this guy..sorry this was so long but hopefully it can help someone
else by learning of a thyroid problem and that we need to be our own
health advocates...i am much more assertive now and i am keeping track of
my lab results...these are good things...michelle

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