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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #226

On 15 Apr 98 at 5:12, Julia Bannister wrote:

> 2 question: 1) How do/ or do you factor prepared luncheon meats into carb count for meal bolus?  It seems to me that my son's bg's are affected by the prepared meats. 2) Are diet soft drinks really f> 
> Julia
> Mother of 6 year old Brendan

The meats we've bought have the carb counts on the label.  Most 
deli's can give you a copy of the nutrition label from the bulk meats 
you buy from them.  I count the bread, the salad dressing and the 
meat carbs.  Most of the meats I've looked at have less than 10 
grams of carbohydrate per slice, mostly in the added sugar that 
is pumped into most prepared foods.  What really gets me is the carbs 
from those potato chips...

Randall Winchester

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