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Re: [IP] Too shy to pump?


I know there is quite a bit of variability in how people respond to
"telling" others.  However, to put in a word for Stephanie, it can be very
very difficult -- especially since there is so very much misinformation
around and so much stigmatism ("I thought diabetics had to be fat, etc")
around.  It stikes me that the majority of the people on this list are
people comfortable with and proactive about pumps and diabetes -- or they
probably would not be here.

If Stephanie is 9 and she gets a pump, she will spend her teenage years
using it (I did too).  The great thing about the pump for a teenager is the
flexibility -- which can allow you to be more invisible too.  The down side
is that if you are so busy trying to be invisible that you stop taking
adequate care of things, you can quickly be in trouble.  So, if she doesn't
want to tell people she needs a managing the pump and bg system with lots of
back up options that are easy to get to.   You might want to get her
involved in creating one.  She also might then find it easier to talk to
someone comfortable.

If she's not sure, don't be afraid to wait!  The pump is great but it takes
a lot of thinking.

Best of luck,

Kim Huffman wrote:  I think we all just

> have different personalites and I dont know that she will just majically
> "grow out of it" by waiting till she's a little older.
> Thanks for your feedback!
> Kim
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