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Re: [IP] Re: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

On 14 Apr 98 at 11:52, MADKT wrote:

> My first Valentine's Day with Diabetes, age 10. My dad always bought the
> "girls in his life" (mom, my two sisters and I) chocolates. It was always very
> special to me. He was typical of his generation; not too involved and there
> were six kids.
> That day Dad gave me a silk rose instead. I still have it. 
> Katie

I would venture that your Dad understood something that so many 
people don't yet understand - the curse of this disease is that it 
can deny so many of the important social interactions to us.   That 
silk rose speaks volumes to me - but most importantly of an inclusive 
expression of love.  Thanks for sharing this with us.

Randall Winchester

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