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I know this is kinda late, but at least for reference you ca do
something yourself if you feel a bladder infection coming on. I always
have cranberry pills in the house. Start taking the with water- it helps
you urinate and clean out the infection. Dandelion root is another
powerful herb that can be found in pill form, this taken with water will
also wash it out.


Ionam wrote:
> Hi, fellow pumpers:
> Woke up today and think I may be starting a bladder infection.  Wouldn't you
> know, this is Good Friday and my endo is off today.  He's a very busy guy, so
> hate to bother him on a holiday, his office is in Santa Barbara and I am 75
> miles north.  Can any of you illuminate me as to the seriousness of this type
> of infection in regards to diabetes?  Any suggestions would be most
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Iona
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