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RE: [IP] Can I or Can't I


The electrical stimulation therapy should not affect the pump or the set.
You might want to be sure though, that they don't apply the stimulation in
the area immediately surrounding the infusion set, since it might cause some
irritation or interfere with the cannula or needle.

The yellow "puss" which you noticed when you removed your old set is one
indicator of a site infection. Are there any other signs of an infection?
(is the area warm, tender to the touch, red or pink colored, are your BGs in
the expected range, is there any hardness or swelling in the area, etc). How
long do you leave your sets in before changing? (this is more of an
informational question).

Not to be an alarmist, but pumpers I have spoken to with symptoms like this
typically have a site infection which requires attention.

If you are unsure, best bet is to check in with your health care team. You
don't want to guess wrong on this one ;-|

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

> Im currently receiveing Physical Therapy on my back. Today they
> wanted to give
> me electronic stimulation. Is it okay to do this with the pump on or not?
> Also, when I changed my insertion set the other night, there was
> a yellow puss
> that came out when I removed the needle. I then drained more of
> this gunk out.
> Any ideas why this happened? Looking forward to the responsed.
> Jimm