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Re: [IP] Too shy to pump?

Kim Huffman wrote:
 Obviously, the pump will certainly cause inquiries from
> others! 

You might be surprised by how few actually ask. My experience is
that few notice it at all. Of course this may be rather different
at her age, I doubt many of her classmates tend to carry pagers or
cellphones on the belt....

 I think her uneasiness is more at school than anything else.  I
> suggested going to her classroom and doing some sort of short
> presentation.  That way, all is out in the open, & gets it over with for
> the most part.  She says this would be too embarrasing (same answer I
> got when we made the suggestion when first diag.) 

OK, why does she feel it's embarassing? She didn't create the disease, after
all. It happened to her, but she has enough presecnce of mind to handle it
all the time without major support from the folks. She should be proud of 

Only a few kids in her
> class, plus the teacher even know at this point!  

It depends on her personality, but I suspect that she may appreciate 
the effects of the pump so much she'll want to show it off. This may
not be a problem, it might be the solution!

She will be going to a
> different school next yr., and I feel "pump" or not, this would be the
> time to try and get over this.  I asked her how she would deal with this
> on the pump, and she just said "I guess I will have to just tell them
> when they ask".  We live in a town w/no other kids her age w/diabetes,
> so we go out of town to a support group for kids. I think we all just
> have different personalites and I dont know that she will just majically
> "grow out of it" by waiting till she's a little older.

This may be the best answer, regardless f what happens in the near future.
Maturity brings many changes, and relief from childish fears is often
part of the process.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years (yesterday)