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[IP] Re: a bunch of posts

I've been away for a week in NY and just spent 2 hours (!) reading all the
digests. Some quick responses:

Randall -- when your blood sugar was high and so difficult to bring down,
did you try changing the set? I've had similar episodes that were
completely "cured" by a set change. I call it a mild case of "bad set" --
as opposed to the awful cases where I get ketones. 

Jay -- I find that I need more insulin the night after some forms of
exercise, too. Usually a 0.5-1.0 unit bolus when I stop exercising is
enough, but it varies. For me, this happens with late night dancing (mostly
aerobic exercise), so bedtime is about an hour after I stop dancing.
I'm not sure why, but have gathered enough documentation from enough
dancing nights (every Monday and many Fridays) that I expect it. 

Timmy and Debbie -- I said earlier that I thought using Ultralente AND a
pump is a mistake. I still do. Seriously -- get an endo who follows Pumping
Insulin. Or just do it yourself.  You will all be much happier. Basal rates
should stabilize in 1-2 weeks. But Ultralente will just screw them up.

Time zone and daylight saving time switches -- I just change the clock on
my pump when I arrive in the new time zone. Period. It generally works
fine. I had no problems adjusting (4 hours because of Daylight savings!)
from pacific to eastern time this trip. I ran a little high last night when
I got back. But: I'm running a little high ever since Passover started
because I'm eating so differently. I figure that for a week, it won't
matter in the long run. Now I'm going to leave work early, go buy some food
(the house is empty), and cook so that I can eat for the rest of the week!

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