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[IP] mixing Humalog and Regular

About mixing Humalog and Regular: 

I'm the one who said that it matters if I put the Humalog (H) or Velosulin
(R) in the syringe first. The one time I put the H in first, the set lost
potency after 2.5 days. The 7-10 times (I've now lost track :-) I put the R
in first, everything was still fine when I changed the set after 3 days.

I'm using a 1:3 ratio of 40 units R and 120 units H. That's 1/4 Velosulin. 

Adding Velosulin has not affected my basal rates, nor my bolus ratios. If
anything, I think that my post-meal blood sugars are better, but I don't
check them that often. 

I fill the syringe with R and push out all the air bubbles back into the
vial of R. Then I slowly add the H. Sometimes I then add a big air bubble,
mix everything around, and then expell the bubble into the air (not into a
vial).  This step (John Neale's idea) wastes 10 or so units or insulin that
are ejected with the bubble. It doesn't seem to help or harm, but it
reassures me that everything is well mixed. 

I'm quite pleased with the results. I like mixing. My endo had never heard
of it. His CDE had never heard of it, but called around for more
info. (Believe it or not, Michael, Penny at Dr. Prendergast's office told
her that their patients mixed 3 parts *R* to 1 part H. Sounds backwards to
me.) *I* am very pleased and will continue mixing. :-)

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