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Re: [IP] Re: Velosulin vs. Humalog

>.i would think that a basal rate on velosulin would be different
> than on humalog...i am back on straight h now but when i was on 1/5 i had
> to rearrange my basals and when i came back i needed to adjust
> again...things are starting to settle down again now

When Lily 1st went on Humalog, the changes in basal rate were 
minimal. Only the basal start times needed to move. I plan to try the 
same approach this time and check the results. Basically, all the 
basal rates were started one hour later for H to account for the 
faster activity profile. Morning rates where the rate is coming down 
were made an hour later to accomodate the delayed activity level of 
the R (V) which persists longer in the system.

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