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Re: [IP] Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Your story touched me.  It obviously affected you too.  Yes, I agree
with you, the nurses should have given you something, even it wasn't
candy in your easter basket.

When I was teaching, I had a little girl in my class who was a
diabetic.  Her parents were so excited that her teacher was diabetic
too.  They knew I understood.  And understand I did.  On special days
when treats were dispersed, I ALWAYS had something for her.  Sugar free
gum, a sticker book, a small game, but SOMETHING.  You should have seen
the joy on her face when she, ALONG with her teacher chomped on sugar
free gum together.  Melted my heart.

Becky D.

Pinocchio wrote:
> I was diagnosed at Easter 20 years ago.  I was 15 and in the Children's Ward
> of our hospital, in a room with three other girls who did not have diabetes.
> On Easter morning, the other girls had small baskets of candy placed near
> their beds by the nurses.  I did not have anything.  One of my roomies asked
> a nurse why I hadn't gotten one.  The nurse said, "diabetics don't get
> candy."
> Okay, I was 15.  I did not need a &^#$@~!!*@ Easter basket.  But you'd think
> they could've found SOMETHING I could have...  piece of fruit, small toy,
> comic book ??
> Even then, it seemed like a foreshadowing.  That someone somewhere would
> always be telling me that I couldn't have something because of this disease.
> I wasn't that far off, either.
> I'll never forget that Easter morning.
> Anne
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Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
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