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[IP] Re: Velosulin vs. Humalog

Michael...i would think that a basal rate on velosulin would be different
than on humalog...i am back on straight h now but when i was on 1/5 i had
to rearrange my basals and when i came back i needed to adjust
again...things are starting to settle down again now....thank
goodness...the rollercoaster is a rough ride...i was having nite time
lows when i was on  humalog before...hopefully i can get it straightened
out this time...keep us updated on your findings...i had news that the
fda got back to minimed about the sensor...but i don't have details
yet...they will be calling a meeting of all the guinea pigs pretty soon
so hopefully i'll have some good news...michelle...the sensor will make
life soooooo much easier...thank you minimed

>Lily is on Velosulin.
>Humalog was not the problem, and she is using it by injection to 
>handle hbs. She has had some major metabolic shifts, probably do to 
>adolescense, and her basal requirements have changed dramatically. 
>I couldn't get a handle on the changes because with 2-3 hour test 
>intervals, the effect of Humalog was gone before I could figure out 
>why she was low/high. I now have the night time basal pattern 
>characterized but have not finished days due to easter break. I want 
>to test her while her schedule is 'normal'. Lily is anxious to get 
>back on Humalog 'cause she doesn't like to have to meal plan an hour 
>in advance. I expect she will go back to a mix in another week or so.
>The problem that we encountered was early night time lows and then 
>rebound repeatedly starting about 8 weeks ago. It's fixed, but her 
>early evening/nite basals are only about 10% of what they were and 
>early morning has more than doubled. --- Major dawn effect now 
>dominates the night time basals. I guess she is starting a growth 
>spurt or something.
>Sure would like to have one of those new MM glucose probes to make 
>this easier.
> Michael
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
For subscribe / unsubscribe information,
send the next two lines in a message
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