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Re: [IP] Pumps at school


Ravi is still in the elementary building so things are a bit more
controlled as far as getting information to the teachers and everyone
knowing a specific child.  When Ravi went on the pump we had a flyer
distributed to all staff, including paras, kitchen and custodial
personnel.  The flyer had a picture of the pump and instructions that it
was not a toy or a pager and not to try to take it from Ravi, along with
what grade he is in and who his teacher is.  I think we also put on the
flyer that this was "life support".  We have had no problems.  He goes to
the middle school next year and I don't for see a problem there either. 
Ravi's older siblings have been through the same building so the teachers
just have to look at him to know who he is.  I will meet with the
principal this summer to keep him up on what I expect of the middle

Rose(aka Ravi's mom)

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