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Re: [IP] Too shy to pump?

In a message dated 98-04-13 14:53:06 EDT, you write:

<< Both ourselves & Stephanie want the
 pump. We want it for better control & less rigid schedule.  She wants it
 for less rigid schedule & not having to do 3-4 shots a day, etc.  My
 only hesitation is that she has never been really open about talking to
 others about her diabetes.  She says it's embarrasing for her to talk
 about it.  Obviously, the pump will certainly cause inquiries from
 others!  I think her uneasiness is more at school than anything else. >>

Our daughter has never been shy about telling others she has diabetes.
However, she is shy about getting injections around other people --  even
family.  Now that she's switching to the pump, she likes the idea of taking
insulin without pulling out the syringes and bottles.  And you can hide the
pump in a pocket or under clothing and no one has to know it is there.  Since
Stephanie has also been involved in the pump decision and wants it, she should
go for it.  If she can't bring herself to tell others about it, she can still
pump discreetly and no one has to know.

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