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Re: [IP] Too shy to pump?

Kim ...when i think back about school i remember how important it was to
fit in...i was also very shy and i am not sure i would have been able to
accept the pump...the good news is that baggie clothes are in...going to
camp and meeting other kids who are on the pump might be helpful...i read
somewhere that complications do not start setting in till after childhood
so that might give you some comfort as a mother

...i have some funny stories that other pumpers from this list have
experienced....they might make a comedy routine for Stephanie if anyone
asks what the pump is...the minimed has a button that reads sel...another
kid saw someone (help me out guys if you know who this story belongs to)
programing her pump and asked if she was telling her broker to sell her
stock...i think this next one belongs to Michael...he calls it a long
range pager...the tubing is an extra long range antenae...it works all
over the world...which is true...a pump works in the US as well as it
would work in Australia...there is another story about a lady that wanted
to be important like everyone else who wears pagers so she was tempted to
put her garage door opener on her belt...and then there is
na-na-na-na-na...my pager costs more than your pager...hope these stories
at least made you laugh...michelle 

>named Stephanie.  She was diagnosed 3 yrs. ago. We have been looking
>into the pump for a few months. Both ourselves & Stephanie want the
>only hesitation is that she has never been really open about talking 
>others about her diabetes.  She says it's embarrasing for her to talk
>about it.  Obviously, the pump will certainly cause inquiries from
>others!  I think her uneasiness is more at school than anything else.  

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