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Re: [IP] Too shy to pump?

>  she has never been really open about talking to
> others about her diabetes.  She says it's embarrasing for her to talk
> about it.  Obviously, the pump will certainly cause inquiries from
> others!  I think her uneasiness is more at school than anything else.  I
> suggested going to her classroom and doing some sort of short
> presentation.  

I think it has something to do with the shots. Lily's attitude about 
it seemed to me to be much more open when she no longer had to do 
shots. Look at it from her viewpoint. You don't have to go hide 
somewhere and take of half your clothes or lift skirts to do an 
injection, you just push buttons.  Lily rarely gets questions and 
when she does they are usually thoughtful and curious. She answers 
them matter-of-factly and usually leave the questioner a little in 
awe.  I have handed out a 1-2 page description to her teachers 
(middle shool, not highschool) describing diabetes, tight control and 
the pump. Usually it has served both to educate them and scare the 
c--p out of them (not intentionally). Most of her teachers in middle 
school worried about her every time she got a little irritable, 
thinking she might be low.

I am certain that a pump will do nothing but increase Stephanie's 
self esteem.  It generally puts even most adults in awe when the see 
a kid useing this kind of equipment.

Michael dad of Lily 14, pumping 3 years
email @ redacted
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