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Re: [IP] Chocolate Easter Bunnies

> praise god for you! your great trying to make your daughters life as
> "normal" as possible i too have great parents who have done thier best for
> me and never told me i couldn't do anything i wanted(as long as it was
> legal : ) . i had a trip planned to the canyonlands of utah when i was
> diagnosed at age 14 i was supposed to leave 3 months after they found out
> about the big "d". my dad asked me in the hosp. if i still wanted to go i
> said you bet. the dr came in and my dad said i was going on a trip and
> toget me ready. the dr said that might not be a good idea. my dad asked
> what part of his statment did the dr not understand! i went to utah for 4
> months! i'll always love my parents for supporting me. 

Lily was dx'd on a Monday a couple of days after her birthday. She 
had planned to leave for Hawaii on that friday with a girlfriend 
and he parents. She was hospitalized by Monday afternoon and we told 
the doc's about her plans with predictable results.  To make a long 
story short, after a few 'discussions' we agreed that with or without 
their consent she would be leaving the hospital one Wednesday. After 
a very long meeting to which Mimi and I were not invited, they agreed 
to discharge her (about 10 minutes before we walked out the door). 
Anyway, the parents of the girlfriend were really great, they 
learned in short order all the things necessary to look after 
Lily for the week long trip and Lily had a good time in Hawaii 
in spite of the trauma of doing finger pokes and shots for the first 
time in her life.


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