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Re: [IP] Too shy to pump?

   These are all valid questions & you're smart to ask them "up front".... My
15 yr old daughter can be "shy" about her diabetes & her pump too which is why
she's gotten so ingenious about "concealing" the pump in her jeans' pocket or
inside a bike-short body-shaper under dresses, etc....
    However, more to the point, I think NOT having to go to the bathroom &
start drawing up mixtures of insulin for 3-4 daily shots affords her far more
privacy now on the pump...It's a simple matter to just slip it out of her
pocket at lunch & bolus for what she's decided to eat...Also, I assume your
daughter will be starting middle school...Which means you're rapidly
approaching pre-teen "issues" like wanting to sleep later on weekends or being
able to CHOOSE when & what to eat with your friends, etc...Today, for example,
my daughter opted to shower & blow dry her hair, leaving no time for
breakfast.....I still cringe remembering the days when she had to miss taking
the school bus with her sister because she hadn't yet finished the breakfast
that "matched" her a.m. injection...
    So....bottom line: I'd worry less about how Stephanie will deal with the
visibility of her pump & focus more on the myriad benefits she's certain to
reap from it...By the way, Minimed now has a publication called "Teens &
Pumping" which you could call & request....Even though she's not officially a
"teen", as a mom of 15 and 16 yr old girls, believe me, she'll be thinking of
herself as one long before you will!!! LOL
    Good luck!!!..

Regards, Renee
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