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[IP] Too shy to pump?

Last month I joined this list and have learned so much. I have a
question I hope to get some feedback on. We have a 9 yr. old daughter
named Stephanie.  She was diagnosed 3 yrs. ago. We have been looking
into the pump for a few months. Both ourselves & Stephanie want the
pump. We want it for better control & less rigid schedule.  She wants it
for less rigid schedule & not having to do 3-4 shots a day, etc.  My
only hesitation is that she has never been really open about talking to
others about her diabetes.  She says it's embarrasing for her to talk
about it.  Obviously, the pump will certainly cause inquiries from
others!  I think her uneasiness is more at school than anything else.  I
suggested going to her classroom and doing some sort of short
presentation.  That way, all is out in the open, & gets it over with for
the most part.  She says this would be too embarrasing (same answer I
got when we made the suggestion when first diag.) Only a few kids in her
class, plus the teacher even know at this point!  She will be going to a
different school next yr., and I feel "pump" or not, this would be the
time to try and get over this.  I asked her how she would deal with this
on the pump, and she just said "I guess I will have to just tell them
when they ask".  We live in a town w/no other kids her age w/diabetes,
so we go out of town to a support group for kids. I think we all just
have different personalites and I dont know that she will just majically
"grow out of it" by waiting till she's a little older.
Thanks for your feedback!

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