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[IP] Re: Velosulin vs. Humalog

>corrected with an injection of Humalog. That is what my daughter does 
>quite successfully. (she will go back on Humalog in a couple of 

Last i heard Lily was on the mix is she on straight h now or on
velosulin...and i was wondering why you were going to wait a couple of
weeks to return to the rocket fuel...michelle

>> We've been using Humalog for about a year and love it's 
>> Before H we were using Regular and had lots of trouble.  I don't 
>want to get
>> into that unpredictability again.
>Then if you don't want to use Velosulin, use a mix of Humalog / 
>Velosulin of 5 / 1
>Michael dad of Lily 14, pumping 3 years MM506
>Michael <email @ redacted>
>Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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