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[IP] emla creme

Debbie, do you find that the emla cream actually helps at all?  Does it
reduce the sensitivity?  I'm thinking about trying it.

<<<MMMFrom: email @ redacted (Timmy and Debbie)
Subject: [IP] Child anxiety during set changes

A Question to the parents who have kids on the pump:
I'm having some trouble whenever we need to change the infusion set on
TJ....He gets frightened and it takes quite a bit of time to calm him down
enough to cooperate. We have used emla creme and also an ice cube to numb
the skin first but he's still afraid of pain....Once the set is in he
doesn't have a problem with it. Any suggestions on how to make set changes
We are currrently using softsets with the inserter and have tried the
siloette once. TJ likes the softset better because of the inserter. However
we have had some trouble with the softset pulling out...
Thanks for any advice.

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