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Re: [IP] Re:son pumping

I can't emphasize enough how much a difference the pump has made.  It is not
the answer to all problems with diabetes or the cure...but it has made life
much simplier. The thing is, long acting insulin is a guessing game.  It peeks
and vallies at different times and you have no control over it.  Using a pump,
however, gives you the freedom to decide when it peeks and vallies.  You
change the amount you get for soccer and can control those lows much easier.
Michael would be a good reference for this, since his daughter is a swimmer.
Before the pump, Darren would always go low playing sports.  He would have to
stop and have a snack and then feel weighted down when getting back into the
game.  Now he lowers his basil rate and gets a smaller amount of insulin while
he is playing, and has had only a few lows.  This is opposed to having a low
during every basketball game.  I am not a doctor, but if any of my other
children are dxd with diabetes, they will go straight to a pump.  Then they
will have only one adjustment period.  Whatever you decide to do, I support
you, but I strongly suggest you look into pumping.  

I know as a mom what you are going through.  Having my son dxd with diabetes
has been the hardest thing I have ever had to face.  Looking at the big
picture and the future has been even harder.  We have never had an HbA1c under
9.8.  I know if this continues, the quality of his life when he is an adult
will not be what it could be if we keep tighter control.  We have not had a
HbA1c since on the pump.  Our last one prior to the pump was 10.2.  I know
that we have to get those down and our chances of doing that are much greater
with the pump.  Like I said before, with the pump, Darren will bolus for that
extra food he eats in between meals.  Before he would not take the extra shot.
It is too hard to deny a teen food or make them eat the same thing every day.
With the pump it has given him even more freedom that carb counting did.  

Have you considered going to diabetes camp?  There is a great one outside of
Fresno.  They have kid camp sessions and family camp sessions.  We were able
to go the first year Darren was dxd and it changed our lives.  We have gone
every year since and each time, we continue to learn even more.  At family
camp, the whole family goes.  If you would like to know more, I will send you

My prayers are with you,
Liz (Darren's Mom)
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