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[IP] Fish and levels

What are you trying to cover with you boluses?  Fish is all protein, as is
beef.  I don't bolus to cover proteins, but I know that some do.  If it is
of help, fish is slightly less protein rich than beef (protein ratios of :
0.20 gm protein/gm salmon vs. 0.28 gm protein/gm beef).  Sauces and so
forth can account for some carbohydrate.
Whenever, I have tried to bolus for proteins (e.g. when I have a large
protein meal), I have difficulties.  I don't have that down yet, but I
don't really have problems with it either.

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 14:53:40 EDT
From: Estes71 <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Fish and levels

I am wondering if anyone else has experience this.  I find that whenever I
fish, especially salmon, that my bloodsugar levels are not effected nearly
much as if I had chose to eat beef.  Last night I was low before dinner and
took less insulin to compensate.  Then while at church felt low.  Was able
get some mints from a friend and after the service was still low.  Now I
just have to remember to be conservative with my boluses when I eat fish.

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