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Re: [IP] Chocolate Easter Bunnies

praise god for you! your great trying to make your daughters life as
"normal" as possible i too have great parents who have done thier best for
me and never told me i couldn't do anything i wanted(as long as it was
legal : ) . i had a trip planned to the canyonlands of utah when i was
diagnosed at age 14 i was supposed to leave 3 months after they found out
about the big "d". my dad asked me in the hosp. if i still wanted to go i
said you bet. the dr came in and my dad said i was going on a trip and
toget me ready. the dr said that might not be a good idea. my dad asked
what part of his statment did the dr not understand! i went to utah for 4
months! i'll always love my parents for supporting me. 
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